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The portable Subdab vaporizer offers two ways to enjoy the dab
You use your vaporizer using only the small convection vaporizer sized as a portable inhaler or to place on your Bubbler.

The Subdab weighs only 170g, is easy to handle with one hand and can therefore be used without being noticed by the public.
Convenient, has an integrated secret compartment to store precious concentrates, including a small stainless steel dabber. So you have everything you need on the way! The user only has to think about fully charging the 900mAh battery before going out, but this can be done mainly with the USB cable on the road, too.

 Short heating time, no complicated temperature setting! The wax or sticky oil can be applied very easily to the heating surface of the ceramic nail using the built-in dabber. A few seconds after the appliance is switched on, the ceramic nail is already sufficiently heated, indicated by a green LED light. 20 seconds to inhale and enjoy his dab. After this, the unit turns off automatically to prevent overheating. The vaporizer is simply turned on for its next round. The suction cup placed at the base of the SUBDA is very practical for a safe hold.


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