Processus de decarboxylation

Processus de decarboxylation

zThe process of de-carboxylation is a process that changes the cannabinoid acids in the plant cannabinoids in fresh assets and holder in different effects. This process is to heat the dry cannabis flowers at temperatures at which active substances are released. When one smokes hash, this process occurs naturally. However, during the preparation of food products based on cannabis, you should know how to do it before starting to cook.
Cannabis leaf in fresh form (before it undergoes the process of drying and aging) contains many medicinal properties, providing basic cannabinoid acids such THCA, CBDA and more. These cannabinoid acids does not cause psychoactive effects unlike THC is actually the product of the decomposition of the cannabinoid THC acid-A.
In making edible, the principle of decarboxylation is separated carbon molecules (and related molecules) of the molecular chain with the aid of a furnace .This method decomposes the cannabinoid active heat at different temperatures.

Each cannabinoids its temperature, it is very important to ensure not to cross the threshold temperature.

Decarboxylation is a straightforward process:
1. Preheat the oven to 240 ° F / 115 ° C.

2. Break up cannabis flowers and buds into smaller parts with your hands. We use one ounce, purpose you can elect to do more or less.

3. Put the parts in one layer on a rimmed baking sheet. Make sour the pan is the proper size so there is not empty space on the pan.

4. Bake the cannabis for 30 to 40 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes so That It toast evenly.

5. When the cannabis is darker in color, is light to medium brown, and HAS dried out, remove the baking sheet and allow the cannabis to cool. It shoulds be quite crumbly When handled.

6. In a food processor, pulse the cannabis up to it is coarsely ground (you do not want a superfine powder). Store it in an airtight container and use as needed to make extractions

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