Origin 710

Origin 710

If you are a consumer of wax, so I'm sure you're already aware of what the 710 and the 7/10 is a day of stoner. However, I'm sure some of you are scratching their heads wondering what the 7/10 or the number 710 represents?

what is the "710"?

710 is the term used to describe and celebrate the end marijuana concentrate extraction, similar to 420 that is used for a long time to describe and celebrate all forms of marijuana.

Recently someone decided that marijuana concentrates needed their own identity and a digital-term, and 710 was chosen. If you turn the numbers upside given its "OIL" is a term often used to describe concentrated like wax, wax, shatter, etc.

There is no way to know for sure who invented the term 710 and applied to concentrated marijuana. What is known? In the 1960s, manufactured solvent concentrated cannabis available was "honey oil", "red oil", "jelly-butane hash" and similar concoctions. The percentage of cannabinoids and of the purity of the products extracted by the solvent was almost always higher than hashish, but many products by solvent extraction was polluted by solvent residues which made the process dangerous.

Since 1990 the first is made '' Dabs purified '' and today a number of marijuana enthusiasts say that July 10 should be honored as '' The Day of Dab "and 7:10: The unofficial time Dabber

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